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Matt is an Executive Director, Rising Star Award winner and proud member of the Music Producers Guild, representing the industry and helping people develop careers in music. Find out more about the Guild here.

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Frank Turner

This session ended up as a hybrid - Frank & his band in the studio and Rich Costey (the producer) in Vermont, USA. To accommodate this, I set up a super-low latency live feed to Costey, allowing him to listen in real-time to everything in the studio. To minimise further delays, I also created an instantons file transfer system, allowing his team to edit audio while the session cracked on.

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FTHC (Album)
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Their central vision for the album was for it to feel natural, as if the listener were in the room with the band – instrument creaks, breaths, and all! To help achieve this, I came up with some inventive microphone placements to help capture the space. Then, during mixing, I took this further, re-amping tracks back into the room for more natural reverbs.

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A Pocket Full of Acorns
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Kitty Macfarlane

Part of the brief for this song was to make the piano's hammers a feature. To do so, I used an innovative mic technique to capture the percussiveness while also allowing the piano’s tone to shine.

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Half Wild
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Amy Wadge

This was a one-take live performance of Faith’s Song, done in conjunction with Yamaha to promote their new keyboard. It was later added to her EP, When Did We Grow Old?

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When Did You Get Old?
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Pro Tools 210M
Certified Engineer
Winner of the
MPG Rising Star Award 2022

Matt Taylor is an award-winning recording engineer, a director of the Music Producers Guild and an author. He’s busy, basically.

He is currently an engineer primarily at ARC Recording Studios, working alongside acclaimed producers like Rich Costey (Rage Against The Machine, Pavement, Foo Fighters), Troy Miller (Diana Ross, Amy Winehouse, Gregory Porter) and artists like Frank Turner, KT Tunstall, Ninebarrow, Amy Wadge, Kitty Macfarlane and more.

Matt loves working with artists on the rise and is passionate about helping people from diverse backgrounds to find careers in the music industry.

When not in the studio Matt is currently writing his debut novel - a memoir about his experiences growing up in the care system. His literary works are represented by Alice Lutyens at Curtis Brown (home of Margaret Atwood, Ian Fleming, Nelson Mandela, A. A. Milne and many more).

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