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Helping producers and artists bring their ideas to life in the studio

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As a recording engineer Matt’s job is to help a producer deliver their vision sonically. He excels at the technical aspects of sound production and loves the detailed work of bringing music to life in a studio environment. Matt has been recognised as an emerging talent, winning the 2022 MPG Rising Star Award.

With a background in live music and a BA in Sound Technology from the Liverpool's prestigious Institute for Performing Arts, Matt has been resident engineer at ARC Recording Studios since 2019 delivering records for Frank Turner, KT Tunstall, Kitty Macfarlane, Amy Wadge, Ninebarrow and more.

Matt loves working with bands and artists on the rise, collaborating closely to help them define their sound and create landmark releases. He loves the detail of each project and the challenge of interpreting producer and artist direction into sound profiles and microphone placements.

He is obsessed with sound and would love to work on your next project, so get in touch!

Do you have a preferred studio or can you work anywhere?

Matt is the in-house engineer at ARC Recording Studios in the Oxfordshire countryside but he can work anywhere where the equipment is good.

How much does it cost to work with Matt?

Long answer, it depends on the project. Album, EP or single? Solo artist, full band or orchestra? Short answer, send Matt an email and he’ll get in touch.

How long should we expect a session to last?

As a rough guide, expect a month long session for an album if the musicians are well rehearsed and the songs are nearly complete. The greater the need for discovery and creation, the longer the session!

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